Zirlux Esthetic TR

Color gradient zirconia for all indications.

Zirlux Esthetic TR is a highly aesthetic and strong zirconia that exhibits transitional strength and translucency throughout the entire zirconia disc. The strength begins at 1,000MPa along the cervical edge of the disc and transitions to 727MPa at the incisal edge where higher translucency is required to match natural aesthetics.

This transitional innovation enables dental technicians to mill restorations that exhibit high translucency along the incisal edge while maintaining the required strength and opacity along the margin and body.

  • 727MPa incisal blended to 1000MPa cervical
    • Higher strength along the cervical area
    • Mirroring effect to match adjacent dentition
  • ~48% Translucency
    • Higher translucency along the incisal edge
    • Consistent blend of shading elements, excellent value from light to dark
  • Unique transition reduces chipping along the margin lines while the higher opacity aids in masking darker frameworks.
  • Reduce inventory and streamline production by using a zirconia that has the aesthetics for anterior and strength for posterior
  • Available in all 16 VITA shades plus bleach shades
  • Compatible with Roland, Amann Girrbach, and most open 98.5mm CAD/CAM Milling Machines.

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