Zirlux Acetal

Acetal Resin, The Super-Material With a New Millable Form

November 5, 2018

The biggest topic on everyone’s minds is CAD/CAM being the present state of the dental industry and will continue to be in the future. We already know that adopting digital technology attracts more business, expands your current offerings, and gives your business that competitive advantage. Most of the buzz surrounding digital materials is about zirconia, but what about other types of materials? You may be missing out on an extra opportunity to add to your workflow.

Let’s talk about the digital material acetal resin. What’s the deal? More and more dentists are prescribing metal-free removable partial dentures. This is because they’re minimally invasive so more patients are accepting of this recommended treatment plan. They’re also more affordable than veneers or orthodontia. Acetal is a long-lasting solution because the material absorbs virtually no water and is less likely to develop stains or odors.

Labs also benefit now that acetal comes in a millable form. It can be milled either wet or dry so you can add extra production to your workflow. The material is stronger and more flexible than PMMA, so you can offer a wider variety of indications. When you choose acetal, you can ensure your doctors and their patients are getting an esthetic, durable, and excellent fitting final product.

Learn more about acetal, here.

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