Zirlux Complete

Your "all-in-one" multifunctional zirconia solution

Zirlux Complete is a high strength, highly aesthetic multi-layered zirconia that can be relied on to produce consistent, quality restorations for both anterior and posterior restorations.

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Zirlux Esthetic TR

Color gradient zirconia for all indications.

Zirlux Esthetic TR is a highly aesthetic and strong zirconia that exhibits transitional strength and translucency throughout the entire zirconia disc. The strength begins at 1,000MPa along the cervical edge of the disc and transitions to 727MPa at the incisal edge where higher translucency is required to match natural aesthetics.

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Zirlux Anterior Multi

Multi-Layered zirconia with more indications and strength than Lithium Disilicate

Fully gradient shading that matches the incisal, dentin and gingiva of dentition making it suitable for anterior restorations. The transition of layers mimics the translucency and aesthetics of a natural tooth without adding the necessary steps to your production workflow.

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I have used Zirlux for a couple of years and find the range has numerous options. Anterior Multi and 16+ we find are of high material and aesthetic standard.

Ollie Ambridge Ambridge Ceramics Ripon, North Yorkshire

We produce monolithic Zirconia and e.max full contour crowns. The advantage of using Zirconia and e.max is that there is no grey umbrella effect in the gingival area. There is the additional advantage that Zirconia and e.max are compatible with the human body, eliminating the effect of allergens that can sometimes occur with metal restorations.

Petr Mysicka PM Dental Studio Hove, East Sussex

Having a digital milling unit opens up the doors to using the latest digital restorative materials, such as Zirlux®, a zirconia ceramic that is only available through Henry Schein Dental. We use Zirlux for all our crown and bridge work because of its excellent aesthetics and range of low and high translucencies which make it suitable for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Debbie Bogle Design & Smile Ltd Darwen, Lancashire

There are now strong, highly aesthetic biocompatible alternatives to traditional metal materials such as Zirlux,® which gives us the ability to make frameworks that stay in the mouth really nicely and can be tooth-coloured – that is a big step forward. I believe metal-free alternatives are more comfortable for patients, they are more flexible, kinder to tissues and far more aesthetically-pleasing

Gillian Egan Egan Dental Laboratory Ripon, Yorkshire

Zirlux has allowed Drake to achieve the aesthetic result that we want in our laboratory. Zirlux Zirconia has the strength and the aesthetics that Drake needs.

Bob Savage Drake Precision Dental Laboratory Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Zirlux restorations are valuable to our customers for their range of clinical indications—and their ability to provide both strength and aesthetics.

Carsten Fischer Owner, MDT, Sirius Ceramics Frankfurt, Germany

Zirlux Zirconia gives our laboratory the best final quality restoration with the least amount of labor. It’s by far the most superior product that
we have gotten our hands on.

Daxton Grubb R-Dent Dental Laboratory Bartlett, Tennessee, USA

You ask for a C3, you get a C3. In the past, when all of this started coming out, it was really hit or miss. But now with Zirlux, it’s that next-generation and it’s going to keep getting better.

Dena Lanier The Lab 2000 Inc. Columbus, Georgia, USA

I was losing my confidence in layered Zirconia restoration with all the chipping problems of the layering porcelain. Once Zirlux Zirconia came to market, it has been my go-to restoration, especially in the posterior region. The aesthetics are exceptional and the strength is second to none.

Dr. Tony Mancuso Welland Dental Care Welland, Ontario, Canada

The introduction of colored, highly translucent zirconia like Zirlux Zirconia allows laboratories to deliver extremely aesthetic restorations to their dentists which is ultimately what gives the patient something to smile about.

Jonathan L. Ferencz, D.D.S Diplomate American Board of Prosthodontics

Zirlux Acetal milled easily using our standard PMMA milling strategies and tooling, and the partial frameworks fit the models with minimal adjustment. Zirlux Acetal has the potential to be a great alternative to cast partial denture frames.

Kristine Van Cleve Dental Prosthetic Services Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA